About Me

Please let me introduce myself ...

I'm Susan Skinner, your Judge of County Court at Law #14, a misdemeanor criminal court. With your help I was elected to the Bench on January 1, 2015. Since being Judge, I have handled over 7,500 cases and reduced the number of cases on the court's docket by over 40 percent.

In addition to the misdemeanor criminal docket, I proudly preside over the only Animal Abuse Docket, which I implemented after being elected, upon seeing the needs of the community.

It is unfortunate, but the high volume of misdemeanor cases in many courts prevented misdemeanor animal cruelty cases from being given the attention they require. Since the creation of the Animal Abuse Docket, the backlog of pending animal cruelty cases has been resolved quickly and the cases now have access to timely trials and dispositions. The Court is now in a better position to address appropriate sentencing unique to these types of cases by working closely with the District Attorney's Office, Animal Control Services, and the Bexar County Community Supervision Department.

A majority of the misdemeanor cases that come before me are Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) cases. DWI is a serious concern in our community. I will continue to strictly interpret and enforce the law in all DWI cases to protect our families from impaired drivers.

I am honored and humbled to announce that I have received the following endorsements and awards:

San Antonio Express News Editorial Board

San Antonio Police Officers' Association

San Antonio Fire & Police Pension Association

Bexar County Adult Probation Officers' Association

America's Top Ten Animal Defenders 2018 by the Animal Legal Defense Fund

Pastors PAC

Texas Leadership Institute for Public Advocacy